Where to get cheap wall decor, wall decor set?

Wall decor or wall decor set are very popular now.

If you want to get cheaper price of them, you can contact direct supplier or factory to get cheap price.

Where to get cheap wall decor, wall decor set?-GOON- Home Decoration, Christmas Decoration, Halloween Decor, Harvest Decor, Easter Decor, Thanksgiving Day Decor, Party Decor

Normally, wall decor has MOQ (Minimum order quantity required, it is around 50-500 pcs for each product. It needs to check with the supplier. Even same material, the MOQ might be difference due to its size and craftmanship and production process.

One thing for sure is that higher MOQ, lower price. So, if you want to check what discount you can get for the wall decor, or wall decor set. You can check with different range quantity to know exact price.

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