Manufacturing process of flower vase ceramic

1. Ceramic craft vase resin primer: use color glue or add color paste resin
A. The color glue is pre-promoted, and only 1.5%-2.5% curing agent needs to be added when it is used.

B. When using resin to add color paste to base, the amount of color paste added in resin is 2%-4%, and 1.5-2.5% curing agent and 1.5-2.5% accelerator need to be added when using.


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2. Ceramic craft vase with straw painting

3. Ceramic craft vase transparent layer production
A. When making the transparent layer of the ceramic craft vase, it is necessary to use transparent resin, and add curing agent and accelerator. The thickness is to completely bury the straw painting and add 1.5-2 mm more. After curing, sand flat, and then Begin to use 400#, 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1200#, 1500#, 2000#, 2500# water sand and then polish to make a mirror crystal effect.

B. Flatten with 600-800# sand, then polish with glazing resin and then cure with glazing machine to get the mirror effect. Shorten working hours and improve efficiency.


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