Top flower vase small recommendation

In the inherent impression, ceramics are full of rude beauty, original color and free form, and the residual warmth of handmade work is the beginning of a fascinating.

This pearl ceramic vase is slightly different, smoother, rounder and more refined.

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The whole vase is round and compact, with a small round diameter and a slightly narrower diameter. There are three styles to choose from. Two of them can hold about 1-3 bouquets, and the other one has a larger diameter and can hold about 8-10 bouquets.

The most special feature of this vase is its appearance. When the whole is white, it will have a faint pearlescent color. According to different angles, these colors can be freely changed.

Like the pearls missed by the sea in the world, they are dreamy, colorful, and pleasant. With fresh flowers, they are enough to give life a fairytale-like visual feast.


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