5 buying tips for a good flower vase decor

Flower vase decor is very common for our home decorations, here we would like to share how to choose a qualified flower vase decor.

5 buying tips for a good flower vase decor-GOON- Home Decoration, Christmas Decoration, Halloween Decor, Harvest Decor, Easter Decor, Thanksgiving Day Decor, Party Decor

1. First, check whether the bottom of the the flower vase decor is stable. Place the vase on a flat surface and touch it lightly with your hand to see if the vase wobbles.


2. Check whether the color of the bottle body is uniform. Special attention should be paid to the colored vases.


3. Check whether there are large black objects on the surface of the vase. This is caused by the incomplete melting of the raw materials for the vase. If the particles are very small, there is no serious problem.


4. Check whether there are a lot of air bubbles on the surface of the vase (except for the deliberately made bubble vase). If the bubbles are many and concentrated together, it is not allowed; if the diameter of the bubbles is too large, it is also not allowed. (The number and diameter of the bubbles are relative to the size of the vase)


5. If the mouth of the vase is cut, you need to see if there is any stubble on the mouth. If the mouth of the vase is open, you need to see if the mouth is uneven.


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