What’s the advantage of choosing glass table flower vase

Essential items for home decoration – glass table flower vase.

When buying a vase, it is often difficult to choose, should you buy a larger mouth or a larger bottom? Glass or iron? These choices often upset us.

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For cutting fresh flowers, glass table flower vase are more suitable.

There are some point you need to know about the glass table flower vase:


1. Glass table flower vase is easier to see changes in water quality, so that we can better understand the state of plants.


2. The rhizome of a flower is also a beautiful part, and sometimes we can appreciate it better when using glass table flower vase.


3. It is not recommended to use plastic containers, which are easy to breed bacteria, causing plant rot and large-scale infection.


4. Iron and ceramic containers are also good choices, suitable for specific space decoration, but not as versatile as glass table flower vase.


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