2022 Christmas new and hot market trend

Over the past twelve months, and especially the next twelve month, consumers have become more optimistic about their households’ financial situation. They also expressed increased interest in making large purchases. Similarly, consumers’ expectations of the overall economic situation have become more optimistic.

In 2022, total Christmas retail sales (online and in-store) in the United Kingdom (UK) are expected to reach £82.2 billion, making it the largest consumer of the Christmas season. In Germany, retail spending over Christmas is expected to reach around £73 billion.

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We would like to share 2022 Christmas new and hot market trend which is very attractive. Personalized Christmas decorations are becoming increasingly popular. We want to see more beside of very traditional color of red, green, white Christmas decorations.

We hope everyone can get a happiness and prosperity on 2022 Christmas and best wishes for the new year!