what kind of easter decoration is most popular in European market?

There are several popular Easter decorations in the European market, but some of the most common ones include:

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  1. Easter Eggs: Decorated eggs are a staple of Easter celebrations in many European countries. These eggs are often painted or decorated with various designs and symbols.
  2. Easter Bunnies: Rabbits and hares are popular symbols of Easter in many parts of Europe and are often featured in decorations such as figurines or plush toys.
  3. Easter Wreaths: Wreaths made of spring flowers or greenery are also a popular Easter decoration in many European countries, often featuring pastel colors and Easter-themed accents.
  4. Easter Trees: In some parts of Europe, it is common to decorate small trees or branches with Easter eggs, flowers, and other spring-themed decorations.
  5. Easter Chickens: In some regions, chicks and chickens are a common Easter decoration, often appearing in the form of figurines or plush toys.

Overall, the most popular Easter decoration in the European market may vary depending on the region and culture, but these five items are among the most commonly seen during the holiday season.